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  2. I will be posting my updates and ROM hacking information on this thread. My goal is to completely update the game to the full 30 teams. I encourage anyone to post any updates, questions, information about the game that you think would be helpful. I have already posted my most recent ROM on this site. I am currently working on some other tweaks to it. More to come…….
  3. Just released today! You can find it in the downloads section. Enjoy!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    To kick off the start of the 23-24 NBA season I am releasing my NEW Super Tecmo NBA Basketball (SNES). Here's what I edited: -27 teams (No Toronto, Memphis, New Orleans) *NOTE-I am currently working on versions to add these teams by replacing other teams. Will add update when done! -Rosters (includes top Rookies for this season) -Player Stats -Player attributes (as best as I could determine using stats online) -Jerseys -Logos -Home Court Arena names The game play is great! I recommend playing this by putting all teams on COM and putting the team you want to play with on MAN. Then use your emulators Fast Froward option (almost all emulators have this option) to move through all other games. If you play the game with every team on SKP the stats will get all messed up. Only the last player on every bench will score the points. (I'm trying to figure out how to fix this but have had no luck so far. I used the Rabbit utility to edit my rosters which is why this is happening.) I am still relatively new to ROM hacking which is why there are some things in the game I do not have completely updated. I would love to combine with anyone to update this ROM to a full 30 teams and more. Hope you enjoy. Hit me up if you want to collaborate on this project! programs used: HxD, Rabbit utility, yychr
  5. This gem is beautiful. Are you still in the works ?
  6. Hello NBA Fans! More specifically Tecmo Super NBA Basketball fans (SNES)! I have a goal to update this ROM completely but need help from anyone that is willing to put in the time. I have made a lot of huge updates to the ROM that I am going to post before the start of the regular season but there is still a lot of things that need updates. I am slowly learning how to hack games and as I get better I feel I can make more updates. I am looking for people who have experience hacking SNES games or those that are willing to go on a journey with me and relive their childhood to bring this game up to a complete update. Please reply or message me if you are interested in this project. In the meantime I going to post a few screen shots of my current update to graphics. They're not perfect but I've made a solid update to logos. I've also updated courts with teams current Arena names. Here are a few goals of things I would like to update: -All 30 NBA teams -Update SIM data (currently the last player on each teams roster scores all the points when a team is on SKP) -Update Team Data Pages (changing SEAT to OKC, N.J. to BKL) -Updating Court Palettes to reflect current teams court colors. -Update Game Scoreboard team names for a couple teams (Sonics to Thunder, Bullets to Wizards) -Rearranging divisions to current 6 divisions alignment. -Update schedule and playoffs -MORE (There are few other things that could be updated as I look at the game) Also I would love to get this thread going for tips, tutorials on hacking this game like I've seen on other websites (TBORG, NHL94). Let's get this game up to date!!
  7. This game is super dope!! Am curious if there is a way to save roster changes as I like to stay up to date as players move...
  8. Is anyone able to use the secret characters like Scorpion, etc? I input the name and date for each character but nothing happens. Am I missing something?
  9. Anyone know of this super famicom game? its basically ncaa basketball for snes but no ncaa license. but the have fake nba teams with player names with one letter off. This would be great for a hack to make it a full nba game.
  10. I have just added the Ps1 rom hacks of Nba jam 2k22 and Nba Jam double Z mod . Both games play great but I and get music to play whilst in play . Can anyone comment on this please:)?
  11. Will there be a roster update?
  12. cnoto

    NBA Live 23 HWC

    Did you ever put together a no nickname version? If so, Id be interested in it.
    Super dope!! Will there be a roster update with all the recent trades?
  13. I have a version of the data where I retained their normal names. However, some European players (e.g. Luka Dončić) have to be changed to ASCII equivalent (i.e. Luka Doncic) to make the game work. I'll see if I whip out a "no nickname" version this weekend as well.
  14. JDM2119

    NBA Live 23 HWC

    This is pretty awesome, thank you for the work and time spent to make this. Is there a version that has their actual names vs the nicknames? For example on the Cavs, Darius Garland is "DG the PG". Is there a version where it is his actual name, Darius Garland (and all the others)? Or is there a way to edit those names?
  15. Hmmm. let me look into that this weekend and see what's the deal.
  16. polo199

    NBA Live 23 HWC

    Thanks for your work. However, I'm facing a couple of issues: - Lakers roster seems to be half-empty when scrolling through the rosters. - Scrolling through the rosters makes the game crash after Lakers (or some other team I cant remember). This is with your RevA rom, without the save file.
  17. kdubmods

    NBA Live 23 HWC

    Based on the NBA Live '96 video game for Sega Genesis, this updated version contains the latest NBA teams and rosters for the 2022-2023 season (including a workaround to play with the New Orleans Pelicans). So enjoy your retro gaming hoops, but with the next generation players. Run a full season and win your way to the Finals, or lineup against the latest 2022 NBA All-Stars (Team LeBron vs. 2022 Team Durant). Check out the 2022 Rising Star Rookies vs. 2022 Rising Star Sophomores, or perhaps give the 2021 USA FIBA team a go! 📥 NBA Live 23 HWC
  18. TheGM

    Under New Management

    Sometimes it is hard to live the way of the wise. What you are trying to search is not written on the floor. The final level is a return to the beginning. This is the Last Dragon. A cycle is complete...and now there is a new emptiness to be filled...a new journey which you must make alone. Just remember, there is no "I" in team... and ain't no "we" either. Now Kiss My Converse!
  19. Version Rev A


    Based on the NBA Live '96 video game for Sega Genesis, this updated version contains the latest NBA teams and rosters for the 2022-2023 season (including a workaround to play with the New Orleans Pelicans). So enjoy your retro gaming hoops, but with the next generation players. Run a full season and win your way to the Finals, or lineup against the latest 2022 NBA All-Stars (Team LeBron vs. 2022 Team Durant). Check out the 2022 Rising Star Rookies vs. 2022 Rising Star Sophomores, or perhaps give the 2021 USA FIBA team a go! Additionally, I've included some other (hacked) features and/or fixes in this season: fixed season stats - finally worth reviewing and playing in Season Mode (close enough to '96 quality)!!! fixed hidden/missing legends to complete the NBA 75th Anniversary Team by adding several to end of some rosters (see below) will backport lessons learned starting with NBA Live 23 HWC (Rev B) 💡 TIP: Although you only need the Game MD file (or ROM) above to play the game, I suggest you also download and use the "Save" memory file above if possible in your gaming environment because it will already have the New Orleans Pelicans (NOP) configured, as well as the custom Rookies, Sophomores, 2021 USA FIBA team, and the NBA 75th Anniversary Team legends categorized as Extra. Notes about this version... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rev A - Season Start Edition ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Major updates... *fixed season stats so "League Leaders" works close enough to expected! --only Minutes Per Game (MPG) seems a little awkward, but still investigating *import latest 2022-2023 rosters and rookies (as of 10/18/2022) *setup 2022 All-Star rosters (from last season) *change Custom Teams to Blockers (for New Orleans), Rookies, Sophomores, and 2020 USA FIBA *recognizing some injuries, but player is available at end of bench *provide save file for download (saves time for team setups) *added nicknames *NOTE: make sure to skip CLE when setting up NOP roster Notable injuries recognized (i.e. end of bench; 13th or 14th player)... *[ATL] Bogdan Bogdanovic # available at end of bench *[BOS] Robert Williams # available at end of bench *[MIL] Khris Middleton # available at end of bench *[MIL] Joe Ingles # available at end of bench *[ORL] Markelle Fultz # available at end of bench *[ORL] Jonathan Isaac # available at end of bench *[VAN] Ziaire Williams # available at end of bench Added as new or missing from last season (due to injury)... *[BRK] Ben Simmons *[BRK] Edmond Sumner *[DEN] Jamal Murray *[LAC] Kawhi Leonard *[LAC] John Wall *[LAL] Kendrick Nunn *[MEM] Kenneth Lofton Jr. *[NOP] Zion Williamson *[ORL] Jonathon Isaac Other player notes... *[BRK] LaMarcus Aldridge # must be added end of bench for usage (I know, technically FA) *[HOU] Jabari Smith Jr. # must be added to team for usage (because of "<space>Jr.") *[MIN] Wendell Moore Jr. # must be added to team for usage (because of "<space>Jr.") *[GSW] Patrick Baldwin Jr. # must be added to team for usage (because of "<space>Jr.") *[MEM] Vince Williams Jr. # must be added to team for usage (because of "<space>Jr.") Some initial upgrades, downgrades, or sidegrades: *[BOS] Jayson Tatum # '96 Shawn Kemp++ *[BOS] Jaylen Brown # '96 Chris Mullin++ *[BRK] Kevin Durant # Larry Bird++ *[BRK] Kyrie Irving # '96 Rod Strickland++ *[BRK] Yuta Watanabe # '96 Scott Burrell *[CHA] LaMelo Ball # '21 (R) Ball++ *[CHI] Nikola Vucevic # Nate Thurmond+- *[CHI] DeMar DeRozan # '96 Steve Smith++ *[CHI] Zach LaVine # '96 Jim Jackson++ *[CHI] Ayo Dosunmu # '22 (R) Dosunmu+- *[CHI] Coby White # '96 Anthony Peeler *[CLE] Jarrett Allen # '96 Dikembe Mutombo++ *[CLE] Evan Mobley # '22 (R) Mobley+- *[CLE] Donovan Mitchell # '96 Mitch Richmond++ *[CLE] Darius Garland # '96 John Starks++ *[CLE] Isaac Okoro # 21 (R) Okoro-- *[DAL] Luka Doncic # Oscar Robertston+- *[DAL] Tim Hardaway Jr. # '96 Rex Chapman+- *[DAL] JaVale McGee # '96 Olden Polynice *[DEN] Nikola Jokic # '96 Hakeem Olajuwon-- *[DEN] Michael Porter Jr. # '96 Johnny Newman *[DEN] Jamal Murray # '96 Pooh Richardson++ *[DEN] Bruce Brown # '96 Keith Askins *[DEN] DeAndre Jordan # '96 Alonzo Mourning-- *[DET] Isaiah Stewart # '21 (R) Stewart+- *[DET] Saddiq Bey # '21 (R) Bey++ *[DET] Cade Cunningham # '22 (R) Cunningham+- *[GSW] Draymond Green # '96 Kevin Willis-- *[GSW] Andrew Wiggins # '96 Ken Norman++ *[GSW] Klay Thompson # '96 Joe Dumars++ *[GSW] Steph Curry # Oscar Robertson++ w/handles *[HOU] Alperen Sengun # '22 (R) Alperen Sengun+- *[HOU] Jalen Green # '96 Jerry Stackhouse *[HOU] Kevin Porter # '20 (R) Kevin Porter *[HOU] Jae'Sean Tate # '21 (UR) Jae'Sean Tate+- (via '96 Donny Marshall) *[IND] Myles Turner # '96 Rik Smits *[IND] Aaron Nesmith # '21 (R) Nesmith *[IND] Tyrese Haliburton # '21 (R) Tyrese Haliburton+- *[IND] Chris Duarte # '22 (R) Chris Duarte *[LAL] LeBron James # '96 Karl Malone +- w/3pts *[LAL] Russell Westbrook # '96 Terry Porter++ w/speed & hops *[MEM] Steven Adams # '96 Vlade Divac-- *[MEM] Santi Aldama # '22 (R) Aldama *[MEM] Ja Morant # '96 Gary Payton++ w/less D *[MIA] Bam Adebayo # '96 Dikembe Mutombo++ w/speed & handles *[MIA] Caleb Martin # '96 Kurt Thomas+- *[MIA] Jimmy Butler # '96 Horace Grant++ w/handles *[MIL] Giannis Antetokounmpo # '96 Scottie Pippen++ *[MIL] Jevon Carter # '96 Jon Barry++ *[MIL] Khris Middleton # '96 Derrick McKey++ *[MIN] Rudy Gobert # '96 Patrick Ewing++ *[MIN] Anthony Edwards # '21 (R) Edwards+- *[NOP] Jonas Valanciunas # '96 Vlade Divac *[NOP] Zion Williamson # '96 Charles Barkley *[NOP] Herbert Jones # '22 (R) Herbert Jones *[NOP] Brandon Ingram # '96 Robert Horry *[NOP] CJ McCollum # '96 Muggsy Bogues++ w/3pts *[NOP] Trey Murphy III # '22 (R) Trey Murphy III *[NOP] Larry Nance Jr. # '96 Adam Keefe++ *[NOP] Naji Marshall # '96 Donny Marshall *[NOP] Jose Alvarado # '96 Cuonzo Martin *[NOP] Devonte' Graham # '96 Sedale Threatt *[NOP] Garrett Temple # '96 John Battle *[NOP] Tyrone Wallace # '96 Greg Sutton *[NYK] Mitchell Robinson # '96 Brad Daugherty *[NYK] Julius Randle # '96 Jamal Mashburn++ *[NYK] Cam Reddish # '20 (R) Reddish-- *[NYK] RJ Barrett # '20 (R) Barrett++ *[NYK] Immanuel Quickley # '21 (R) Quickley++ *[NYK] Isaiah Hartenstein # '96 Don MacLean *[OKC] Jeremiah Robinson-Earl # '22 (R) Earl+- *[OKC] Josh Giddey # '22 (R) Josh Giddey *[OKC] Kenrich Williams # '19 (R) Williams *[ORL] Franz Wagner # '22 (R) Wagner++ *[ORL] Jalen Suggs # '22 (R) Suggs+- *[ORL] Cole Anthony # '21 (R) Anthony++ *[ORL] Chuma Okeke # '21 (R) Okeke++ *[PHI] Joel Embiid # '96 Shaquille O'Neal++ w/3pts *[PHI] Danuel House Jr. # '96 Jim Les+- *[PHI] P.J. Tucker # '96 Chuck Person+- *[PHI] James Harden # Magic Johnson++ *[PHI] Tyrese Maxey # '21 (R) Maxey++ *[PHI] Montrezl Harrell # '96 Buck Williams *[POR] Jerami Grant # '96 Rodney Rogers++ *[POR] Damian Lillard # '96 Kevin Johnson++ w/3pts *[POR] Paul Reed # '21 (R) Reed *[PHX] Deandre Ayton # '96 Joe Smith++ *[PHX] Devin Booker # '96 Latrell Sprewell++ *[PHX] Chris Paul # '96 John Stockton-- *[PHX] Cameron Payne # '96 Ennis Whatley++ *[PHX] Cameron Johnson # '96 Ed Pinckney++ *[PHX] Torrey Craig # '96 John Battle *[PHX] Damion Lee # '96 Dell Curry *[PHX] Landry Shamet # '96 Steve Colter++ *[SAC] Domantas Sabonis # '96 Tyrone Hill+- *[SAC] Harrison Barnes # '96 Juwan Howard++ w/3pts *[SAC] Kevin Huerter # '96 Khalid Reeves+- *[SAC] Davion Mitchell # '22 (R) Mitchell+- *[SAC] Trey Lyles # '96 Scott Williams++ *[SAC] Terence Davis # '96 Steve Kerr *[SAS] Joshua Primo # '22 (R) Primo+- *[TOR] Scottie Barnes # '96 Joe Smith+- *[TOR] Pascal Siakam # '96 Detlef Schrempf+- *[TOR] Gary Trent Jr. # '96 Terry Porter+- *[TOR] Fred VanVleet # '96 Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf++ *[TOR] Thaddeus Young # '96 Robert Horry-- *[TOR] Precious Achiuwa # '21 (R) Achiuwa+- *[UTA] Lauri Markkanen # '96 Clifford Robinson++ *[UTA] Jordan Clarkson # '96 Calbert Cheaney *[UTA] Mike Conley # '96 Derek Harper+- *[UTA] Collin Sexton # '96 Harold Miner *[WAS] Rui Hachimura # '20 (R) Hachimura++ *[LGND] Carmelo Anthony # '96 A.C. Green++ Nickname recognized... *[ATL] Trae Young a.k.a. "Ice Trae" *[BOS] Jayson Tatum a.k.a. "Taco Jay" *[BOS] Jaylen Brown a.k.a. "Jaylen The Creator" *[BRK] Kevin Durant a.k.a. "Slim Reaper" *[BRK] Kyrie Irving a.k.a. "Crossed By Kyrie" *[BRK] Ben Simmons a.k.a. "Big Ben Simmons" *[BRK] Yuta Watanabe a.k.a. "The Chosen One" *[CHA] LeMelo Ball a.k.a. "Melo Ball" *[CHI] Nikola Vucevic a.k.a. "Nik Vooch" *[CHI] DeMar DeRozan a.k.a. "Deebo DeRozan" *[CHI] Alex Caruso a.k.a. "The Accountant" # gotta keep count of all those assists! *[CLE] Donovan Mitchell a.k.a. "Spida Mitchell" *[CLE] Darius Garland a.k.a. "DG the PG" *[DAL] Luka Doncic a.k.a. "Cool Hand Luka" *[DEN] Nikola Jokic a.k.a. "The Joker" *[DEN] Kentavious Caldwell-Pope a.k.a. "K.C. Pope" *[DEN] Nah'Shon Hyland a.k.a. "Bones Hyland" *[DEN] DeAndre Jordan a.k.a. "DeAndre 3000" *[DET] Hamidou Diallo a.k.a. "Hami Diallo" *[GSW] Andrew Wiggins a.k.a. "Two-Way Wiggs" *[GSW] Steph Curry a.k.a. "Chef Curry" *[IND] Myles Turner a.k.a. "Samurai Myles" *[LAC] Paul George a.k.a. "PG-13" *[LAC] Robert Covington a.k.a. "Lord Covington" *[LAL] LeBron James a.k.a. "King James" *[LAL] Russell Westbrook a.k.a. "Russell Beastbrook" *[LAL] Dennis Schroder a.k.a. "Dennis The Menace" *[LAL] Juan Toscano-Anderson a.k.a. "J.T Anderson" *[MIA] Bam Adebayo a.k.a. "Bam Bam Adebayo" *[MIA] Jimmy Butler a.k.a. "Jimmy Buckets" *[MIA] Duncan Robinson a.k.a. "Jimmy Neutron" # don't laugh--he'll light your ass up! *[MIL] Giannis Antetokounmpo a.k.a. "The Greek Freak" *[MIL] Khris Middleton a.k.a. "Khris The Closer" # who said he couldn't close out? pfffft! *[MIL] Serge Ibaka a.k.a. "Serge Iblaka" # subtle, bit effective *[MIN] Rudy Gobert a.k.a. "The Stifle Tower" *[MIN] Karl-Anthony Towns a.k.a. "K.A. Towns" *[NOP] Herbert Jones a.k.a. "Herb Jones" *[NOP] Brandon Ingram a.k.a. "Brandon Kingram" *[OKC] Jeremiah Robinson-Earl a.k.a. "J.R. Earl" # name is too long to fit *[OKC] Luguentz Dort a.k.a. "Lu Dort" *[OKC] Shai Gilgeous-Alexander a.k.a. "S.G. Walker" *[OKC] Kenrich Williams a.k.a. "Kenny Hustle" *[PHI] Joel Embiid a.k.a. "The Process" *[PHI] James Harden a.k.a. "Fear The Beard" *[PHX] Chris Paul a.k.a. "CP-3" *[POR] Damian Lillard a.k.a. "It's Dame Time" # what time is it?! *[SAC] Domantas Sabonis a.k.a. "Domas Sabonis" *[SAC] Harrison Barnes a.k.a. "Black Falcon" *[SAC] Kevin Huerter a.k.a. "Red Velvet" *[SAS] Doug McDermott a.k.a. "Dougie McBuckets" # same ole buckets...to go! *[TOR] Pascal Siakam a.k.a. "Spicy P" *[TOR] Thaddeus Young a.k.a. "Thad Young" *[UTA] Lauri Markkanen a.k.a. "The Finnisher" *[UTA] Mike Conley a.k.a. "Money Mike Conley" *[UTA] Collin Sexton a.k.a. "Young Bull" *[UTA] Nickeil Alexander-Walker a.k.a. "N.A. Walker" *[UTA] Talen Horton-Tucker a.k.a. "T.H. Tucker" *[WAS] Bradley Beal a.k.a. "Real Deal Beal" For more information, including how to use the New Orleans Pelicans, Extra 75th Anniversary Team legends, access more hidden rookies and legends, please visit the NBA Live 23 HWC on my site. Thanks!
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