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This is a revised (or updated) version of NBA Live '96 for Sega Genesis, using the Season Start date of 11/03/1995. This was done to better understand the internals of data usage (player name, attributes, rankings, etc.) and game mechanisms.

Additionally, I've included some additional (hacked) features:

That being said, this is how the game should have been released!


🏅 Special shoutout to @UltraMagnus for the Dream Team logo hack. That's my dude!

1996 USA Basketball (Dream Team II) Hack:

One of the "custom" teams in the game was hacked and given the 1996 USA Basketball logo and Dream Team roster via the "New Orleans Pelicans" hack:

  • David Robinson
  • Charles Barkley
  • Scottie Pippen
  • Reggie Miller
  • Anfernee Hardaway
  • Hakeem Olajuwon
  • Karl Malone
  • Grant Hill
  • Rich Mitchmond
  • John Stockton
  • Shaquille O'Neal
  • Gary Payton

Please see "Instructions to play with 1996 Dream Team" below for details.


Full List of Hidden 50 Greatest NBA Legends:


📑 NOTE: Remember, the "Hidden" players listed below are added via Roster Setup >> Create Player by their *Last Name* and then *First Name* (whereas how the players are listed below is by First Name, Last Name).

In addition to the 27 Hidden NBA Legends included in the original game, I have added the remaining players to officially complete the list of 50 Greatest NBA Legends, as of 1996. Keep in mind some of those players were active in 1996, so they were not hidden and already listed on an existing roster.

  • [ATL] Bob Pettit                     # a.k.a "Big Blue"; similar to Larry Bird
  • [ATL] Lenny Wilkens              # or SEA; similar to Joe Dumars
  • [BOS] Bill Russell                   # redone (slightly better)
  • [BOS] Bill Sharman                # a.k.a. "Bullseye Bill"; similar to Hershey Hawkins
  • [BOS] Bob Cousy
  • [BOS] Dave Cowens             # a.k.a. "Big Red"
  • [BOS] John Havlicek
  • [BOS] Kevin McHale
  • [BOS] Larry Bird
  • [BOS] Robert Parish             # a.k.a "The Chief"; redone to be similar to Dikembe Mutombo
  • [BOS] Sam Jones                 # similar to Jason Kidd
  • [CHI] Michael Jordan
  • [DET] Dave DeBusschere    # or NYK; similar to Derrick McKey
  • [DET] Duke Bing                   # similar to Mitch Richmond
  • [GSW] Rick Barry
  • [GSW] Nate Thurmond
  • [HOU] Moses Malone          # or PHI; a.k.a. "Big Mo"; redone to be similar to Hakeem Olajuwon
  • [LAL] Elgin Baylor
  • [LAL] George Mikan
  • [LAL] James Worthy
  • [LAL] Jerry West
  • [LAL] K. Abdul-Jabbar        # redone in Rev B as true GOAT (90 overall rating)
  • [LAL] Magic Johnson
  • [NYK] Walt Frazier
  • [NYK] Willis Reed                # similar to Brad Daugherty
  • [PHI] Billy Cunningham      # a.k.a. "Kangaroo Kid"; similar to Shawn Kemp
  • [PHI] Dolph Schayes          # similar to Rick Barry
  • [PHI] Hal Greer                  # similar to Eddie Jones
  • [PHI] Wilt Chamberlain      # or GSW
  • [PHI] Julius Erving
  • [PHI] Paul Arizin                # similar to Rick Barry
  • [PHX] Charles Barkley      # or PHI
  • [POR] Bill Walton
  • [SAC] Jerry Lucas             # similar to Kevin McHale
  • [SAC] Oscar Robertson    # or MIL
  • [SAC] Tiny Archibald        # nickname change (was "Nate" Archibald)
  • [SAS] George Gervin
  • [UTA] Pete Maravich         # a.k.a. "Pistol Pete"
  • [WSB] Earl Monroe           # or NYK; similar to Isiah Thomas
  • [WSB] Elvin Hayes
  • [WSB] Wes Unseld            # a.k.a. "Oak Tree"; similar to Bill Laimbeer

Extra Hidden Legends:

  • [CHI] Artis Gilmore           # or SAS; a.k.a. "The A-Train" similar to David Robinson
  • [DEN] Alex English           # similar to Detlef Schrempf
  • [DET] Bob Lanier              # similar to Bill Laimbeer
  • [NYK] Benard King           # or WSB; similar to Hot Rod Williams
  • [PHX] Connie Hawkins     # a.k.a. "Hawk"; similar to Horace Grant
  • [PHX] Tom Chambers      # similar to Kevin Willis
  • [SEA] Jack Sikma             # a.k.a. "Goldilocks" similar to Dennis Rodman
  • [UTA] Adrian Dantley       # similar to Scottie Pippen
  • [WSB] Walt Bellamy         # or ATL; similar to Patrick Ewing

Bonus Hidden Players:

  • KDub Mods                     # me (via veteran Jason Kidd profile; seems accurate)


Instructions to play with 1996 Dream Team:


💡 TIP: Download and use the "Save" memory file (i.e. SRM file) referenced above because it will already have the 1996 Dream Team configured, as well as the custom Rookies and Sophomores teams.

  1. Upon the first game startup, begin an Exhibition game.
  2. When prompted about how to handle the Expansion Draft, select Draft Both Teams.
  3. Press Start to forfeit the draft (and select Yes to verify), but make note of the correct Toronto roster.
  4. Shortly after that, you'll receive a message about Vancouver, and then a black screen internal error message similar to this:
    • Sega Library Internal Error
    • allocvram failed!
    • memo
    • tot
    • totd=-13120anteal u
  5. Power it off, restart the game, and begin to setup Dream Team via Roster Setup >> Trade Players.
    • NOTE: Toronto and Memphis should already have their correct rosters, and if you're playing with the older Rev A or B, you're done--no more steps!
  6. Next, select the *last player* at the end of each bench--from ATL to LAL (but *skip* CLE)--and trade them to the Free Agents list.
    • NOTE: You should end up with 13 players ready to use for the 1996 Dream Team roster
    •             e.g. Move "David Robinson" from ATL roster to FA list
  7. Then, setup an Exhibition game, and select the custom team Dream Team (previously known as "Stealers").
  8. Finally, when prompted, start selecting the recently added players from the Free Agents list to the Dream Team roster.


For more information (e.g. archived versions, changelog details), please visit the page on my site.

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